The Food and Wine Lovers Tour with Harvest Tours was a delicious and fun day out! Steve, our guide, picked my friend and I up at our accommodation in the morning and we started our tour with a small group of four.

The first place we went was the beach. Steve took pictures for us by the water and told us the history of the area and the national park. We hadn’t been there before, and he suggested it as a great spot for sunsets, so my friend and I went back to the beach after the tour with some snacks and wine that we bought during the day out. We wouldn’t have know about this sunset viewing spot if it weren’t for Steve!

sunset harvest tours

After the beach, we went to taste freshly made coffee at a coffee plant and got to try their specialty iced coffee. It was tasty and just the kick we needed to get our day going! We even got an unexpected gift from the coffee plant to take home as a souvenir.

After coffee, it was time for wine! At the first winery we went to, McHenry Hohnen, we did a meat and wine pairing. The warm lamb sausage, pork, and pastrami were absolutely mouth-watering! My friend and I bought the lamb sausage to save for our sunset snack.

We had a second tasting before lunch, and then we felt spoiled rotten with our three course French lunch at a winery overlooking a lake:

The food was spectacular, and a glass of wine was included in the meal (as seen above). This huge plate was just part of the appetizer:


After we were completely full, we went to more tastings at several small wineries around the region. We did a chocolate tasting and cheese and olive oil tastings later in the day. My friend who joined me came more for the food than the wine and was more than satisfied!

Steve is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the region. He taught us some wine history, like how Cloudy Bay and Cape Mentell are both owned by the French but Hohnen (from the first winery where we did the meat tasting) started both and is allegedly responsible for bringing Zinfandel to Australia. We also learned that the nets we saw covering the vines were protection from pesky birds of Chardonnay grapes that have ripened early this year.

It was really interesting to learn about the region and visit some of the smaller producers. One of the boutique wineries that we went to, House of Cards, is 100% single vineyard run by a young couple. They have a tasty fortified Shiraz and beautifully designed labels and packaging:


House of Cards is one of the many wineries that we visited that day. We did soooo much on that day out and finished at a brewery where most of us were too stuffed to drink any more alcohol. The lake at the brewery:


If I could describe this tour in one word, it would be indulgent. I had some of the best food I’ve tried in Australia and it was fresh and local, and we tried some fantastic wines from all different producers.

This tour is suitable for all visitors of Margaret River, because even if you are not hugely into wine, you will have plenty of food to meet your cravings, and if you are very interested in wine, you will enjoy great wine as well. Harvest Tours has a chemical free natural theme as far as choosing wineries and food, so you can feel confident that you are supporting a family-run company with great values by booking this tour.

To book this tour, follow the link to our website: Margaret River Full Day Food and Wine Lovers Tour